Training for athletes and dancers

Are you a HIGH-LEVEL ATHLETE or a SPORTS COACH? Would you like to integrate the GYROTONIC® method into your work or recovery? Contact us directly so that we can develop a tailor-made formula.

We will think about a program together that is suitable for your needs.

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The GYROTONIC® method was used by dancers for many years. Now athletes all over the world are integrating this technique into their training program.

The method respects the body’s biomechanics and natural breathing and can be adapted to all sports.

With the GYROTONIC® EXPENSION SYSTEM® machines and their pulley system you can easily replicate a movement and fine-tune it.

More generally, the GYROTONIC® method enables you to enhance performance through developing coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, relaxation and explosiveness.

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Exercises are both eccentric and concentric and they are always three-dimensional.

We fully rebalance posture and muscular chains while protecting joints and stimulating tendons and the small, deep muscles that control movement precision.

We gain muscle strength, a feeling of balance and internal strength, linked with better flexibility which means we can significantly enhance athletes’ qualities.

A lot of athletes also find that their depth and endurance also improves by doing the GYROTONIC® exercises regularly.

Special attention also paid to symmetrically rebalancing the body – this balance is often disrupted by repetitive movement models and strain injuries. All our muscles are rebalanced and in good physical condition, and less likely to be injured.

The GYROTONIC® exercises use a holistic approach with regards to health and healing. They also follow the ethics of alternative medicine. Athletes and dancers have turned to the GYROTONIC® method not just to work on their general physical condition but also as an alternative when traditional treatments and rehabilitation techniques have failed to work.

The method can be applied to all sports and all levels

Snow sports: SKI – SNOWBOARDING (Better Posture, Support, Balance, relaxation.)
Team sports: FOOTBALL – HANDBALL, etc. (Coordination, Fluidity, explosiveness, numerous high-level players use the method to enhance performance and recovery)
YOGA: This inspired the method (more in-depth work on internal connections, concentration and better posture)
SWIMMING: (Improved connection between breathing and the shoulders = more fluid and quicker movements)
MARTIAL ARTS – BOXING: (centering, flexibility and explosiveness)
ENDURANCE SPORTS (optimized endurance and recovery)


GYROTONIC® for dancers combines the fundamentals of classical and contemporary dance with the GYROTONIC® system.

This course allows dance students and professionals to understand and develop a dance technique from within.

The holistic approach to movement provides a better understanding of the body, flexibility and strength mechanisms and a deeper vision of the physiology of dancing.

The GYROTONIC® method, which was initially created for dancers, is ideal training: muscle strengthening, stretching, and coordination, positions that respect the body’s biomechanics, organic breathing and three-dimensional movements

In a world where you must regularly and quickly adapt the each choreographer and company’s style, this course strengthens, balances and frees internal muscular connections and helps you to meet requirements more easily.

It is ideal for dancers in rehabilitation and for former dancers because the GYROTONIC® method makes it possible to maintain or regain support and the feeling of the correct position, while taking good care of your body.

This course is also a lot of fun for amateurs.



Training conducted in partnership with Jeune Ballet and the Calabash Company.


GYROTONIC® exercises improve a player’s overall performance because they enhance coordination around the shoulder girdle and also in terms of racket control.

Furthermore, they enable players to develop strength, flexibility, speed, relaxation and explosiveness.

Circular and spiral movements help the body to move freely in the space available, they improve agility and enable the player to move around the court with stronger and more controlled movements. Developing better balance in muscular chains also helps to prevent injuries.

Professional tennis players all over the world see the benefits of the GYROTONIC® method.

«Andy Murray et GYROTONIC®»


GYROTONIC® for golf was created by Juliu Horvath, the GYROTONIC® founder, and Dave Rasmussen , legendary PGA golf instructor. They developed a set of specific exercises together to improve your swing and to prevent injuries.

Tiger Wood was one of the first golfers to use the exercises.

This course is specifically design for golf amateurs or professionals who want to improve their performance. The exercises strengthen the spinal column, in particular in the abdominal and lumbar regions which are the body’s vulnerable areas when playing golf.

The GYROTONIC® method goes beyond classic muscle strengthening. These special exercises offer a perfect combination of strengthening and stretching because they provide the whole muscular system with flexibility and power. Balanced movements and postural realignment are essential to create a normal and natural swing for golfers.

The GYROTONIC® system offers multiple exercises for all the parts of the body that are used during the swing. With its special spiral approach, this system will help you to increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder movements, improve cardiovascular fitness and make your body more open and flexible.

With GYROTONIC® training, golfers can play on a more regular basis, without worrying about injuring themselves. This training enables golfers of any level to accelerate improvement and to have even more fun when playing.



This course was developed by GYROTONIC® Masters Trainers Billy Macagnone and Vincent Macagnone. They are both 6th degree black belts in Seido KARATE without over 30 years’ experience in martial arts.

The exercises in this workshop have been specifically designed for those who practice martial arts. They are taught on the Pulley tower and they reinforce the principles of GYROTONIC movements.

Using these principles makes it possible to improve all aspects of martial arts training:

Speed, agility, greater flexibility, refined motor functions, broader perception of space, more effective brain signals, reaction speed and greater muscle strength.

We focus on working in a balanced way and in harmony with the body to help to cure old injuries and to reduce the risk of future injury.